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Next Generation PDT

Some of our projects which exemplify the Environmental and Humanitarian aspects of the Cho Group include:

Next Generation PDT is a form of photodynamic therapy (PDT), a treatment which uses light to destroy cancer tissue. This new therapy (NGPDT) and its Whole-body Illumination Device (WID) are now approved for medical applications in China.

In Next Generation PDT patients are given an oral photosensitizing agent. This agent collects selectively in cancer tissue and, when exposed to light, becomes activated, releasing a highly energized, free radical form of oxygen known as singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen destroys cancer cells from the inside out, while leaving normal tissues largely unaffected. Traditionally, PDT has been confined to treatment of superficial lesions or localized problems that can be either directly visualized or reached with endoscopic devices that are inserted into body orifices. Next Generation PDT on the other hand is aimed at treating whole regions of the body, and even more often, the body as a whole.


New Energy Asia (Jiangxi) Ltd. has established a major agricultural land holding (initially 200,000 ha and total 400,000 ha) for long term planting (Investment term is guaranteed for 50 years) of bio-diesel crops. This project is one of the largest foreign land investment contracts signed in China; the Jiangxi Provincial Government has contractually agreed to supply all required labor as well as purchase all the bio-energy produced through the projects operation.

A financial analysis has been independently completed by Macquarie Bank (advisers for the Group) and the Poyry Group (internationally recognized independent experts) has completed a comprehensive and independent study report encompassing all aspects of the land contracts, oil bearing tree to be utilized, climatic suitability, land suitability and expected oil yield.

Deposits for land purchase have already been made and plant seeds have been purchased for initial production of 54 million seedlings for an initial land area of 33,000 ha.

Metal Extraction

Utilization of bacterial oxidation for the treatment of refractory gold and copper concentrates applied to mine sites throughout China. The technique has different scales of operation, for processing a broad spectrum of concentrates in which refractory gold values are typically associated with aresenopyrite; pyrite or arsenical pyrite. The technology is economical and environmentally responsible for the extraction of gold and copper.

The bacterial oxidation for treatment of refractory gold ores has a relatively common flow sheet, which incorporates: crushing; milling; concentrate production by flotation; bacterial oxidation of concentrate.


The Cho Group did a take over of an existing company and factory to become majority share holder in 2010. Previously it was bought for 45 million RMB in 2006 and today the cost for a start up company in China for a license to make Pesticides is 50 million RMB. The strategic take over was to allow production of Organosafe formulars into the China and World markets quickly.

The 100% organic, safe, natural and effective group of insecticide products utilising Organosafe formula. Organosafe products have been developed by one of the well known stored grain protection and Pest Control Scientists after more than 15 years of research. The latest proprietary technology for Organosafe is a based on natural organic plant extracts and diatomaceous earth that belong to the group the worlds safest insecticides for agricultural, residential and commercial use in Pest Control/Public Health and veterinary fields.


Dolphin iT is a privately owned (Michael Cho) company established in 1990. The founding parent company Dolphin iT Computer Technology is a well known and trusted company in the Australian IT industry.

Dolphin iT aims to provide cost effective and innovative web solutions to today’s challenging business & technology arenas. In doing so, we have become a trusted one-stop-shop for website design & development, web hosting, server hosting, IT consulting, application development, e-business solutions and domain registrations.

To assist clients ranging from small to large sized companies, leveraging the power of the Internet to increase sales, improve customer service, reduce costs and streamline business operations.

To deliver strategic and cost effective IT solutions to our clients through focused business understanding, strong technical skills, quality process and determine productivity. The best way to grow in business is to excel at customer satisfaction. We aim to provide the highest quality of service in every phase of the Client Relationship, from initial contact through to follow up support. Recognizing a client's custom software development needs and consistently exceeding their expectations in the development of application solutions.


Lothway and C & M Technologies possess a unique proprietary process furnace ceramic coating to maximize the thermal and operational efficiency and production capabilities of process furnaces and boilers. China Trade Global Limited is in a cooperative venture with these two companies and is responsible for securing the contracts for application of the technology, co-ordination of specialized material delivery and management of installation manpower schedules.


The Cho Group has secured the World rights of Lam Kam Sang Chinese herbal medicine excluding Hong Kong. Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute (H.K.) has been established for 25 years in Year 2006. From a family of five generations of renowned doctors, Dr. Lam has combined the Chinese traditional formulation with the Western technology, in order to extract the effective and high quality products to the people.

Lam Kam Sang ® Product Series have clearly defined the functions, indications, courses of treatments, administrations and contradictions. According to the slogan “ Having the medicines that work wonders, why go far and wide in search of famous doctors?” and “using traditional herbs to provide effective and quality products to make people healthy and get rid of the troubled diseases”, we will continue to put effort to improve the health of human beings.


Valkion is a Swedish based company that will provide the necessary design and development work for NGPDT light delivery and diagnostic systems. A variety of technologies will be combined with NGPDT as a joint Venture/partnership but forming a separate entity.

Valkion is the world leader in Singlet Oxygen Energy solutions and applications. Our mission is to harness the power of nature, enabling people everywhere to enjoy a better quality of life. Since 1988, we have been dedicated to developing and offering solutions which replicate the natural process of photosensitization. From our base in Sweden, we produce and supply products across the world. True to the vision of our founder, Tony van der Valk, Valkion ab re-invests a significant share of its net income into research and development.